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From the past, present to future, fashion is constantly evolving and what better way to capture time than being and wearing Xtra Ordinaire Apparel in your everyday lifestyle. Equally inspired by time and the mystery hid under the surface of the every day, Darius Jones, the Creator/Owner/Designer & Bekwele Amadi, the CFO/partner,  has created Xtra Ordinaire Apparel Clothing Brand.

A clothing brand that is turning tables on the usual direction in the fashion artistic gaze. XOA Clothing Brand is a modern fashion brand with exclusive custom designs that capture a combination of past trends and future styles. With a unique twist in their fashion-centric society, XOA aims to reach teens and young adults across all demographics to wear the brand that supports all aspects of your daily life, hence the XOA Lifestyle!

Today, most modern street wear can be expensive, averaging around prices such as $80 for a T-shirt and $120 and up for hoodies, but XOA offers reasonably priced apparel, featuring high-end quality, with a blend of styles never before seen in each product.

The independent Washington, DC-based brand is separate from their competition because it signifies an international movement of connection and expression in an ever evolving fashion society. XOA uses materials & styles that have never been intertwined into fashion before as well as having multiple logos that are artistically designed like never before. XOA pays homage to the trendsetters past, present, and future by mixing in the styles that they see on the fashion industry’s horizon.

As time and fashion continue to evolve so will Xtra Ordinaire Apparel. With a goal to expand into other aspects of the fashion industry within the next 3 years; the line includes but not limited to: fitness clothing, undergarments, jewelry, headwear, outerwear and business attire such as shoes, boots, blazers, vests, socks etc.

A message from XOA Lifestyle to Entrepreneurs and Start-up Businesses: “Find something distinctive in a certain market and put in the most effort that you can to bring that idea to life. Passion and work ethic can bring wealth, besides, you don’t want to end up hating working for yourself more than you do with your current job.”  

No matter if your style is inspired by the past, present or future, you’re bound to stumble on some incredible finds at XoaLifestyle. “This is no ordinary love!” Shout out to the beautiful songstress, Sade!

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