Tabitha Russell


Tabitha Russell, CEO

Hailing from Glenarden, Maryland Tabitha Russell aka Tab Money serves the youth and the earth, day in and day out!

With an Undergraduate degree from Salisbury University and a Graduate degree from Towson University, she serves as the Co-CEO of CollegeBound Entertainment! If she isn’t doing her yoga, playing basketball, serving the youth in the DMV, or building with her family, Tabitha is working on CBE and its operations.

She engages the youth at every chance and continues to press the issues that plague the generations before her. Inspired by the likes of Fred Hampton, Angela Davis, and Dame Dash, the 25-year-old quadruple threat has a love for all people but loves her people and culture the most!

Ms. Russell wants her people to excel and exceed worldly expectations through breaking free from mental and financial captivity. Mixing Art, Entertainment, and Education has been a goal of hers since college and she plans to continue to use these outlets as tools to help her people!

As the Co-CEO she has spearheaded all of CBE’s events and has her eyes set on starting her own private school and several businesses. Don’t be surprised if you see her Russell Brand on Forbes in the near future!


Her advice to the youth:

“The advice I have for the youth is to look inside yourself FIRST and then the books of your ancestors from the generations before you to find your authentic history, culture, and true knowledge of self. Remain fearless as your ancestors before you and prepare yourselves for what is ahead of you. The preparation is inside of YOU and inside of the history books written by your ancestors… you have 24 hours a day, use them wisely!”