Mike Proctor Jr.


Michael Proctor, Founder & CEO

The Official Barber of CBE

Michael Proctor Jr. aka Mr. Fatz has a passion for his family, helping the youth, and encouraging art!  

A 24 year old UMES graduate and entrepreneur from Landover, MD byway of Washington, DC with a desire to spread positivity and love, is the Founder and Co-CEO of CollegeBound Entertainment (CBE)!

If he isn’t practicing his barbering craft, volunteering time for a cause, or staying alert for fresh new underground music, he’s steadily building on CBE in order to become the Number One Source For Student Entertainment!

Michael gained a passion for the arts and professionalism, during his academic career at UMES. Serving as the campus barber while at UMES, Michael used his own platform to play the latest music to his peers. With no musical talents, he decided to bring together emerging Student Artist to produce a mixtape dedicated to UMES! This mixtape idea led him to create a business plan for an Entrepreneurship course, which eventually led to an outline for CBE.


Michael assisted his future business partner and Co-CEO, Tabitha Russell, during their senior year of undergraduate studies, by referring her to some of the Student Artist from UMES for her student productions at Salisbury University. Ironically, Michael found that they were from the same area in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and shared similar ideas which led to a merger between the two to allow CBE to surface in their area.

As of 2016, Michael is looking forward to  pursuing his Barbering Certification and his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Education and Psychology. Building the CBE Brand in addition to other businesses and nonprofit organizations to help his community are important tasks that he plans to see come into fruition. Focusing on youth empowerment, Michael has this advice to share with the youth in the DMV area and abroad:

“Follow the wise who are still willing to learn and then learn from each other. No one knows everything so as long as you are willing to learn and take action towards your dreams then you’ll be fine. Just be sure to be willing to learn about math, reading, and your history……….And always do your homework….you’ll always have homework in life….it sucks but at least you’ll be ready for the quizzes and tests.”