Artist Spotlight! – The Bennu Byrd Releases her Debut Album, Incarnaton

What do you get when you combine an artist and a free spirit with social justice and garnish with an unconventional mix of hip hop, soul, Go-Go, lyricism and production reign supreme twist? The answer is Female EMCEE, The Bennu Byrd! An emerging Washington, DC-based hip hop philanthropist producing high frequencies. She simply spits from the
heart voicing her personal values, whilst effortlessly touching on serious issues within her music. In relation to her intrinsic lyrics, Bennu Byrd’s music overall message educates and raise the awareness of her listeners. Music is a universal language and her music express nuances and speaks volumes. I concur with Bennu Byrd when she states DC has it’s own unique sound, on a national and international scale. As a dynamic artist, you simply can’t put Bennu Byrd in a box because her sound & flow goes beyond infinite heights. Check out her new debut album Incarnation! In this album, there is rawness, originality, dope vibes and storytelling from a queer feminist perspective with frequencies of hip hop, funk, Go-Go, EDM and more! Bennu Byrd states “
I AM THE QUEER FEMINIST VOICE IN HIP HOP!” I salute you, Queen! The most powerful two words to use for manifestation is “I AM” and what comes after, well, you decide!

In addition to her role in music, Bennu Byrd is also deeply passionate about using the arts to educate and empower youth and families, we all know the children are our future. As an artist ambassador with the Swaliga (passion) Foundation, she uses the arts to engage youth in Global STEAM Education. This infinite being and her human experience is only the start. In summer of 2017, she’s going international, back to the motherland, Afrika! She will be taking a  group of youth from Washington, D.C. to South Africa to immerse in Global Cultural Exchange and STEAM Education! For more information on the Swaliga Foundation visit

Bennu Byrd is also the owner of her brand named Trilllumni Luxury Sports Wear. The 3 L’s in Trilllumni represent “Life Long Legacy”. The brand believes whether you have book knowledge, street knowledge or knowledge of self, a “TRILLL” individual has the respect of his/her peers in their community.

Her ambition can hardly be ignored and it’s this incredibly focused and driven mentality which is molding Bennu Byrd into a new role model for young aspiring persons all over the world who strive for their dreams to come true. Bennu Byrd longs to create more dope music, infinite sonic experimentation, more powerful messages in her lyrics along with creativity and innovation with songwriting and production of video/short films.  

Bennu Byrd’s message to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses “let your greatest dreams and goals flow through naturally. Stay true to yourself. Your originality will always speak volumes! “

Of course, you’re asking how to stay up to date with Bennu Byrd, the hip hop Philanthropist! You can check out her website BYRDMUSIC.TV, she is also on Official Download Link to  INCARNATION

Also, check out her project Incarnation Kill Dat Noise Official- Incarnation Byrd & IMAG (Tribe Swaliga) Live @ ART All Night (CBELIFESTYLE Stage) Byrd x IMAG Art All Night CBE Lifestyle below!

As always, it’s my pleasure to serve you all and remember to “Live In Peace Not Pieces”.

With Love,

Harmony The Goddess


Listen to the Live Stream of Incarnation  by Bennu Byrd!