Camp Ujamaa is a 4-day immersion into the world of Entrepreneurship.  In honor of the celebration of African heritage in African American culture, Camp Ujamaa pays homage to Kwanzaa’s Fourth Principle; Collective Economics.  In an exploration of Collective Economics, students will learn the basic economic principles of business ownership with a focus on community consciousness.

Our Mission is to cultivate a “self-success” mindset and lay the foundation for future

entrepreneurship by strengthening students’ knowledge of their African heritage, and awakening their concept of community by understanding the reciprocal role it plays in their everyday lives.   


Our Vision is to provide students with knowledge of basic entrepreneurial principles in order to be an on-going resource for beginning and developing ARTtreprenuers.  In addition, the skills developed during Camp Ujamaa will serve as a launching pad for students’ future artistic and creative endeavors.

At Camp Ujamaa, students will learn to identify and capitalize on their strengths; recognize qualities of good leadership, and uncover their innate entrepreneurial abilities.  The skills acquired during the intensive Winter Break experience will allow students to not only serve as leaders in their schools and communities but also provide them with a viable business plan to immediately put into action.


Camp Ujamaa will consist of 4 full days of learning, engagement, and fellowship based on the text “Be Your Own Boss” by LA Abner.   Throughout the week, students will engage in various activities rooted in three core areas: 1) A Look Back: The History of Kwanzaa and the origin of Ujamaa; 2) ARTrepreneurship 101; and 3) Soufside Innovates: Entrepreneurship Meets Community Consciousness.  Camp Ujamaa will be held from December 26-29, 2017 for students 12- 14 years of age from 8:30a to 3:30p, lunch provided on- site.        




  • Inform students of the historical and cultural origins of Kwanzaa and its corresponding principles with a highlight on Ujamaa
  • Cultivate innate leadership qualities and identify learned qualities of good leaders
  • Introduce students to the foundational skills needed to create a basic business plan that can be put into action
  • With a focus on the urban community, provide students with artistic and cultural exposures that will educate, inform, and empower their personal, artistic, educational, and future e
    entrepreneurial pursuits.



  • Students will be able to describe and explain the cultural origin of Kwanzaa and its connection modern-day African American culture
  • Students will be able to identify and describe the 7 principles of Kwanzaa and their role in the celebration of the holiday
  • Students will be able to identify the relationship between the Principle of Ujamaa and Entrepreneurship
  • Students will be able to learn basic business ownership principles and apply them to create a basic business plan
  • Students will develop leadership skills for direct transfer as a business owner
  • Students will be able to use their basic business plans to create a pitch and put their business plans into action
  • Students will be able to use conscious entrepreneurship to identify strategies that will positively impact their communities