This summer CollegeBound Entertainment and Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center have partnered to create an entrepreneurship focused summer camp for the youth (6-8th grade)…

Profit From Passions – Summer Camp 2017!

Utilizing CBE staff and member-Student Artists, Local Artists, and Business/Organization Owners, CBE will create energizing platforms for your students to gain knowledge, empowerment, and creativity.

Throughout summer break, three (3) month time period, students will be surveyed on the basis of discovering their true passions and introduced to different art forms that can be utilized to allot business opportunities and outlets for expression.

The sessions will be as follows:

Session 1: June 12, 2017 – June 30, 2017 (3 weeks)

Session 2: July 3, 2017 – July 28, 2017 (4 weeks)

Session 3: July 31, 2017 – August 25, 2017 (4 weeks)

During the summer camp, participants will experience learning through practical application. Participants will exit this course with tools and knowledge that can be applied to their everyday lives. If you have any interest in being a part of Profit From Passions – Summer Camp 2017, please complete the form below.