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Who is CollegeBound ENT?: CollegeBound Entertainment, LLC (CBE) is a growing, for-profit College/University Entertainment Network. CBE serves as an Event/ Artist Management entity serving Student Artists. CBE offers member-student artist of various fields of artistry the opportunity to display their talents as a representative of their education institution via promotional events and digital services; delivering messages of motivation and prosperity ideally for everyday college students.

Our Mission: Our Mission is to drive education, innovation, dedication, graduation, and peer/self-motivation; we want to encourage excelling in education, actively participating in community service, pursuing art & entertainment aspirations, and establishing career goals within our entertainment network.

Our Vision: CollegeBound Entertainment is the number one source for college/university art & entertainment and serve as an urban, relevant source for college/university art & entertainment and college news.

Our Artist: Our member-student artist are equipped with necessary resources provided by CBE including: tutoring, proper equipment, artist development conferences/workshops, shows/appearances, and artist/student counseling.

The Lifestyle: CBE is a respectable organization unified by young professionals, The Collective. CBE provides creative and informational entertainment experiences FOR students BY students. We pride ourselves on being leaders of our generation and positivity. As pioneers, we focus on our T.E.A.M R.E.C.I.P.E in hopes of bridging generational gaps with the older and younger generations. We believe by empowering the youth and our elders, we can create a collective positive shift.


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