Road To Glory Mixtape Circuit

Road To Glory Mixtape Circuit

CollegeBound Entertainment is the creator of The Road to Glory College Mixtape Circuit; allowing college student artists to produce editions of albums (mixtapes) with a mixture of submitted student artist’s projects each school year. This circuit will be a competitive setting for bragging rights and scholarships for participating students. The mixtape is not only subjective to Rap/Hip Hop but all ranges of music such as different genres, live instrumentals, spoken word, poetry, the University’s Band, etc. The Road to Glory College Mixtape Circuit will give student artists the chance to network with their peers to create great, quality music for their fans and campus communities while gaining school spirit.


The winners of the Road to Glory College Mixtape Circuit will receive a scholarship for the next school year. All recipients must be enrolled in a College/University or a Vocational/Trade school to receive the scholarship. Winners are determined by Collegebound Entertainment and the Voting Polls.

Mixtape Criteria:

Each Mixtape should include different artistry such as any genre of music, live instrumentals, spoken word, poetry, Pep Band, etc. YOU ARE BEING JUDGED ON CREATIVITY! There should be at least 5 different artists from your University/College on the Mixtape and at least 2 features from Artist from another University/College different from yours. We would like to see how well you collaborate with others. And because music is Art we are giving you full reign over your project but please be mindful of you attended audience. If you need resources please contact CBE as we will be able to assist you at

If you are interested in participating in the College Mixtape Circuit and you would like to lead your University/College to the Road To Glory click here to contact us.