BAM! 7 weeks of Grassroots Training!

Activating Artists as Activists!

CollegeBound Entertainment, LLC (CBE) and The HBC Theater Company, LLC (HBC) have partnered to create the Black Arts Movement for Artists in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, primarily Ward 8. The Black Arts Movement is an Artist Grassroots Training: A Call to Action. An Art in Activism course focused on training Artists on how yesterday’s Black Arts Movements applies to the Artist Movement today! This course seeks to define the relationship between Art, Politics and the role of the politically conscious Artists.

Utilizing Artists, Community Activists, Teachers, Mentors, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs such as yourself, CBE x HBC will create and provide energizing platforms for Artists to gain knowledge, empowerment, and display creativity in activism.

Throughout seven (7) weeks, five (5) sessions will be held where artists will be surveyed on achieving learning outcomes and objectives as a result of The Black Arts Movement. The Artist Grassroots Training will promote Artist action & accountability for the advancement of social justice and equality.

During the training sessions, participants will experience learning through practical application. Participants will exit each session with tools and knowledge that can be applied to their everyday lives and art. i.e group projects, simulation, & performance.

If you believe this program is right for you please complete an online application here.