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With so many production companies in the industry, there is a significant misrepresentation of black culture maybe because the predominantly white-owned companies simply don’t get it. Fortunately, there are production companies that are owned by African Americans and they are making a big name for themselves.

Elodie Alcindor, who is 28 years young and President of Bleu Royalty Productions, Inc. is an emerging entertainment powerhouse working to rehabilitate black entertainment. The company was founded in order to promote positive representation for the Black community restoring positive images of black love, black family, and black friendships.

Descendants of the Afrikan diaspora are so dynamic and well beyond the contemporary references portrayed in media. It is refreshing that Bleu Royalty Productions exemplifies content that is entertaining, inspiring, relatable, down to earth. The production company serves as a bridge to connect the communication gap between generations. Bleu Royalty Productions finds truth through creative means by digging deep, so deep that it can make people uncomfortable, but that’s the point; Bleu Royalty wants people to open their minds and think!

Bleu Royalty is targeting the black community in attempt to change our self-perception and our perception of the world around us, teaching us new ways of evangelism. In terms of “the weight of understanding the world we live in,” Blue Royalty wants people to know that although we have choices and responsibilities, however, there are consequences that come with each decision.

Today, African-Americans still face real struggles for economic and social inclusion and the fearless & transparent, Bleu Royalty is working toward and supporting positive change. According to the president of Bleu Royalty Productions Inc., Elodie Alcindor, “No matter what, KEEP GOING!” Within the next year, Bleu Royalty Productions will be touring with it’s newest stage play “The Silent Cries of the Good Woman.” In the next three years, they plan to debut their first feature film as well as more inspiring, relevant, and invigorating stage plays.

Bleu Royalty Productions creates a space that is the epitome of rebuilding the idea of family, community, communication, innovation, freedom, growth and leadership but don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself! To find more information, updates, etc. on Bleu Royalty Productions Inc. go to, and follow BR on social media @bleuroyaltypro.

I am looking forward to what Bleu Royalty Productions Inc. has in store for us. As always, it’s a pleasure to serve you all and remember to “Live In Peace Not Pieces” with love, Harmony The Goddess


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  1. Wow ! Our environment needs those positive interventions. Good job Elodie Alcindor.

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